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Our interactive application utilizes proprietary data containing the most accurate sales figures for new homes, lots, residential land, and resales, giving you the comprehensive view of the housing market landscape. By leveraging GroundWork, you are accessing highly regarded information with reporting capabilities that can take analysis to proposal in a matter of minutes.

Flexible and Functional

Custom Reports

Identify important sales and economic figures across their residential markets and utilize this data for presentations or analytical purposes

GIS Overlays

Dynamic Layers

Understand at a deeper level the value of your target market or area by visually providing geographic and demographic information


Detailed Filters

Hone in on the sales data most relevant to you by setting additional demographic and geographic parameters to your query.

Custom Studies

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A Custom Fit

Studies & Advisory

When choosing Smart Real Estate Data as your consultative source, you are acquiring a dedicated advisory team that has a true understanding of the residential markets within which you do business. Our custom projects are delivered with a level of integrity and ownership you will not be able to find elsewhere in the data industry. We take the time to understand your needs, verify your stated requirements, perform iterative analysis, and follow through with work products aimed to exceed your expectations.

Feasibility Analysis

Custom Reports

Smart Real Estate Data's Feasibility Analysis is one of the most popular and cost-effective services. Once complete, our team sits down with you directly to review our findings and provide an opportunity for discussion and valuable Q&A.


Formal Analytics

Going beyond our broad housing market summit presentations, Smart Real Estate Data professionals are ready to provide your business prescriptive insights into the residential markets you serve.


Drive Profitability

Avoid the "if you build it, they will come" methodology and define your site's success by tailoring your product upon distinct structural factors that drive profitability.

Maps & Diagrams

Effective Communication

Sometimes raw data is not enough. Smart Real Estate Data has 20 years of experience delivering custom insights that have lead to billions of dollars worth of residential investment.

Market Coverage

Market Coverage

Market Reliability

Our unique data aggregation procedures gather transaction level records directly from the source. Without third party providers involved, we can ensure accurate and timely information at the most competitive price.

Explore our coverage map to see the markets and counties we serve!

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Pick a market and try out our tools first hand. Our dedicated sales team stands ready to show you how valuable our data and applications are to support smart, quick, and effective analysis.

Comprehensive Data

Critical Market Coverage throughout the Southeast

Our interactive application utilizes proprietary data aggregated directly from local sources. Without third party providers involved, we can ensure accurate and timely information at the most competitive price.

Counties Covered
Deeds Reviewed per Year
Assessments and Statistics
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