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A Data Defined Application Support Research Goals

Smart Real Estate Data’s Flagship application does the heavy lifting of analysis for you. With GroundWork, you get the answers you need to make smart investment decisions, stay updated on residential trends, and develop a successful marketing strategy for construction and development.

Internally Sourced Data

Internally Sourced Data

With GroundWork, you are able to access our proprietary residential data set of New Home, Resale, Lot, Land, and Permit information. Data is sourced through both reputable public and private providers, thoroughly cleaned and indexed, and uploaded for your use on a monthly basis.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

GroundWork makes reporting and analysis easy. Quickly execute over 15 distinct reports on specific market areas. Each report gives you the ability to segment and pivot that data across geography or entity, create customizable graphics, and extract information into your own data sets.

Dynamic Filters

Dynamic Filters

GroundWork utilizes GIS overlays to support your research goals. These geospatial layers help you understand, at a deeper level, the value of your target market by visually providing geographic and demographic information.

Informative Layers

Informative Layers

GroundWork’s data foundation makes it simple for you to tailor your comparable data set in order to generate more accurate and meaningful reports. Drill down to the information you need by adjusting the many filters our data is indexed upon.

Savable Features

Savable Features

GroundWork provides the ability to save projects, templates, and shapes for even quicker reporting. Saved projects can be run on a monthly basis to get updated information. Saved templates can run saved project structures in new locations. Saved Shapes can be used so that detailed GIS areas are not needed to be drawn every time you log in.

Accurate & Comprehensive Data Reports That We Support

  • Subdivision/Builder Summaries
    New Construction report that provides pricing and closing trends
  • Lot-Home Ratio
    Shows lot and home prices and unit closings ratios. This shows expected lot to home margins and demand in the area.
  • Raw Land Sales Summary
    Determine average land prices and number of acres sold within a specific market or by a particular entity
  • Subdivision Statistics
    Conveys aggregate unit features such as square feet, stories, basements, garages and more.
  • Platted Lot Inventory
    Quickly retrieve lot inventory information and segment data to find areas with distressed lots.
  • Subdivision Absorption
    Understand the expected velocity of your project by comparing closing paces within your market or comparable subdivisions.
  • Sub & Builder Profiles
    Reports featuring all data points tying to a specific Entity or Subdivision.
  • Months of Supply
    Price-point breakout that compares supply and demand of a selected market and home type
  • Lot Sales Summary
    Determine average lot prices and number of lots sold within a specific market or by a particular entity
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